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Hasn’t it ever happened; that you suddenly stumble upon a website and before you proceed browsing any of its pages, you want to see if the hosting is a reliable one?

This is most likely to happen to most people who know the insights of any website hosting. Sometimes it’s necessary if the website or service asks for your credit card details. Not all e-Commerce sites are familiar but yet we often need to make transactions over there, and if the web hosting is unsafe it could incur us with bigger penalties. Whatever may be the case, getting reports on website hosting is more of a requirement than a luxury.

HostingReport Features

The website basically provides the insights of a website’s hosting. For example, if you need to spend some money on a new online commerce website, you need to know if the hosting service is reliable and the website is trustworthy. goes through several criterions to judge the website’s current hereabouts and presents the information before the requester.

The criterions are –

  • Server’s whereabouts
  • Ad analysis data from Google and Adsense
  • DNS IP management
  • Page speed & IP
  • Website favicon, title and description

Since SEO plays an important role for placement of the website’s name on Google’s search result page, so checks for those parameters as well. Apart from the site being a White Hat SEO practicing site, there are more points to judge –

  • Number of valid backlinks and
  • Proper on-site SEO analyses like H1 & H2 tags, internal links and Meta description etc.

And last but not the least; domain information are taken into consideration very seriously –

  • The domain company and their reputation
  • The length of the leftover domain subscription
  • How well the domain is maintained


We were impressed by the minimalistic standards on the landing page of The website is just a beginner, when they start providing the service in full brim we expect to become a truly reliable hosting information seeking resource.


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