10 Tips To Get More Blog Readers

How to get more blog readers is a concern almost every blogger has. Creating engaging content doesn”t mean the right people will read your blog. Following 10 tips will help you to boost your blog readership.

1. Leave comments on related niche blogs

First, find out other blogs in your niche using Technorati or Google blog search. Join popular blogs, take part in the discussions, and leave comments. Your comment should be relevant to the blog post you are commenting and should add value to the ongoing discussion. Write engaging comments that shows your proficiency in your niche.

2. Highlight related posts in your blog

This could get people circulating around your site and finding something that they are impressed with. You can link the related posts in the content of your post with anchor text links. It boosts ranking in the search engines. Customize your homepage with excerpts from popular posts. This can inspire potential readers to look into your blog a bit more than they otherwise would.

3. Optimize your blog

Search engines are a massive opportunity for traffic. Search Engine Optimization will pay huge dividends. Maintain a sleek design that is easy to navigate. Content is the king and providing quality articles help to draw more readers easily.


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4. RSS Feeds

RSS feeds can get traffic easily. The benefit of RSS feeds is that whenever changes are made to your blog like new post, RSS feeds tell the blog readers about these changes and pointing them to visit your blog.

5. Guest Posts

Being a guest blogger is another great way to get more readers to your blog. Writing guest articles on other blogs in your niche will get a whole new set of eyes on your stuff and bring in more readers to your blog.

6. Forums

Participating in the forums, helping people, answering questions, debating the points give you an opportunity to establish your expertise in your niche and instantly draw people who want to know more to your blog.

7. Network with other bloggers

Build relationships with A-List bloggers in your niche that provide quality, relevant and up-to-date information. Participating in their blogs, interacting with them helps to get more readers.

8. Do a series

Doing a series encourages people to comeback for progress. Link back to your other posts. You can get readers taking a look at multiple posts even after you done with the series.

9. Join a blog network

A blog network is a collection of blogs that help drive traffic to one another. Content sharing through social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook causes significant increase in your traffic. You can leave comments on friend walls to keep your name familiar to your Facebook friends and their friends. Blog carnivals are great for driving traffic to your blog.

10. Free Stuff

Anything that gives value given away can be great source for more readers and more opt-ins.

These will come handy to draw readers to your blog and get them to subscribe to your feed so that they will come back.


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