Top 5 SEO Tools That Will Help Your Website For Better Rankings

If you are a blogger, then discussing the importance of ranking is a sheer waste of time, but in case you are new to the blogging world and do not know the rules, all that you need to know is that your ranking is the soul of your blog and if you are not careful about it, you’re sure to suffer in terms of finance and fame and ultimately, your life as a blogger will come to an end. Check out these 15 SEO tools that will help your website for better rankings.

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is one of the most effective tools that you can get to monitor your ranking and help you to get better rankings in the future. There is a free version and a paid version present and in case you are using the free version then the tool can be used for 5 projects after which it will become useless. The interface is simple and there are 5 main areas in which it helps you and they are keyword tools, page analysis, search engine tools, SEO analysis and pay per click spy tools. There are video tutorials that are present with each aspect.


This is one tool that will let you spot plagiarism, the moment it occurs as you have the power to look for posts that have an eerie resemblance with your article and once you have spotted them, you can take the action that needs to be taken. The tool has partnered with Google and that gives you all the more reason to rely on it. There is a free version and it will help you for 10 results after which you will have to
pay for its services.


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SEO Studio

You cannot compromise of the SEO tools that you use as they are the ones that are going to take care of the ranking and SEO Studio is one tool that you need to get more popular as a popular without the use of any black hat techniques. Using the tool is easy and keywords are given prime importance by the tool as it is the keywords that decide a major part of your ranking. The tool will help you to find the keywords in the blogs of your competitors as well.

Google Desktop

Google Desktop is one of the best SEO tools that you can have for yourself, as it will help you to increase the popularity of your blog to a great extent. The best part is that since it is a Google venture, you will be provided with the right direction and will get to know what exactly they need from you as a blogger. The tool will also help you to run a search on your entire hard disk as well as all your other emails, documents and all the other data that is present in your system.


This is an incredible tool that will help you get desirable rankings by giving you tips on improving your topics and the tweaks that need to be made to make your pages more attractive. The main aspects that are laid emphasis upon are the popular keywords that can be used, checking the HTML head tags for the pages. It also calculates the number of times a keyword must be used to get optimum effect for the blog that you are going to post.


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